Meet Mort

Meet Mort

morttran350┬áHi there, I’m Mortimer T. Snugglegrass, Mort for short.

Back in 1995, with a Zoloft inspired imagination and a software called Face Parts (it came on a stack of floppy disks), my creator (small c) brought me into existence. For many years it was a plain black and white life but Photoshop Elements brought out my true colors just recently.

The software gave my creator a pallette of head shapes, ears, lips, noses, eyes, eyebrows, hats and bodies to put together, re-size and just generally play around with and have fun. Some day I might introduce you to my cousins Cruzwell, Pricimilla, Rock and the others.

Just so there’s no confusion, Mort Says is not about that cute little lemur Mort in the Madagascar movies (although he does wear a propeller beanie just like mine, good taste that Mort). Or Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey fame. Or Mort Sahl. Or Mort Zuckerman. Or Mort from Family Guy. Nope, none of them. It’s me, the one and only, Mortimer T Snugglegrass, Mort for short, talkin’ at ya.

The posts here on Mort Says are just some things I’ve heard the voices talking about and I felt the urge to share them. No earth shaking realizations, mostly common sense no-brainers.

You may ask yourself, “Why would I be interested in what Mort says?”. Good question. I hope you’ll take a chance and read my Mort Says posts and hold that determination until later.

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