Power to the people!

Power to the people!


This particular election season has been pretty darn interesting.

I read lots of punditry that tries to nail it down. But with such rapid and round the clock access, reporting the central messages can get lost in the overload.

Yes, I’m a Boomer. I “came of age” in the 60s. I passed through the post-Beatnik phrase right on into the hippie stage. I seem to remember a camaraderie based not just on drug taking but on issues, and there were plenty of them. We expected great changes to take place in the near future and while there was some progress it didn’t meet our hopes or expectations. Did this lead to the rise in the taking of “hard” drugs, I don’t know, but it certainly led to much disappointment that was not at all diminished until the first Obama election.

I remember the slogan “Power To The People” and the John Lennon song of that title.



I think that same message resonates today. It still resonates with me and I think it does with many other voters, OK, Sanders voters, too.

Many politicians, corporations, wealthy donors and lobbyists ( you know who they are ) dearly hope to keep the power to themselves. Lets not let that happen.


Power to the people, right on!

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